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Unformatted text preview: EE 4770 Homework 2 Due: 26 February 1996 Design a circuit to measure x 2 200 K; 400 K , temperature, using a platinum RTD with response Ht x = R01+ 1x + 2 x2, where R0 = 250 , 1 = 0:00398= C, and 2 ,7 2 = ,5:83  10 = C . Convert the temperature to oating-point number H x = x= K, to be written into variable tee. The temperature written should have a precision of 0:1. The voltage across the RTD must be 1:3 V at all temperatures. Within x 2 200 K; 400 K , the input to the ADC must be no lower than 5 and no higher than 95 of its maximum input voltage. Assuming the minimum input to the ADC is 0 V, like the type described in class. Show all component and supply values. Show pseudocode for the interface routine. Problem 1: ...
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