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hw03(3) - EE 4770 Homework 3 Due 22 April 1966 The three...

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Unformatted text preview: EE 4770 Homework 3 Due: 22 April 1966 The three tasks described in the table below are run on an otherwise empty system. Task Name Creation Time Run Time I O Deadline A 0 33 20,10 45 B 10 11 None 55 C 22 9 None 40 The 20,10 entry in the I O column indicates that after 20 units of CPU time, Task A performs an I O operation that takes 10 units to complete. For each part below show the state of each task and the CPU from t = 0 until the last task nishes. Do not show time spent in privileged mode assume it is in nitesimal. Part 1: The system uses deadline scheduling and is task preemption. Part 2: The system uses deadline scheduling, has a quantum of 10 and is not task-preemptive. This may cause tasks to miss deadlines. Problem 1: A system using deadline scheduling and task preemption runs the tasks described in the table above. Change the arrival time for Task C so that Task A is forced to miss its deadline using deadline scheduling while an intelligent" scheduler e.g., an EE 4770 student could schedule the tasks so that all deadlines are met. Show such a schedule. Problem 2: ...
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