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hw04 - EE 4770 Homework 4 Due 23 April 1999 Problem 1 The...

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EE 4770 Homework 4 Due: 23 April 1999 Problem 1: The tasks in the table below run on a system with a non-task preemptive OS with a quantum of 20 ms. Task A does IO after each 10 ms of computation, the IO takes 7 ms to complete. Show CPU activity and task states until the last task finishes. Task Priority Arrival Run Activity Name Time Time A 3 10 ms 50 ms IO each 10 ms takes 7 ms. B 2 20 ms 70 ms C 1 0 15 ms Problem 2: Information about events and their handlers appear in the table below. Under the one-shot assumption, find the worst case latency and response time for each event. Show the event sequences used. Event Strong Weak Run Name Priority Priority Time
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