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EE 4770 Homework 5 Due: 6 May 1998 Problem 1: Find the worst case: latency, run time, and response time for the events listed in the table below. To be eligible for partial credit show the event sequences used. Where appropriate, show the load set and the loaded duration. What is the total load on the system? Event Strong Weak Handler Event Name Prior. Prior. Run Time Timing A3 2 5 μ s Periodic, 15 μ s B3 1 4 μ s Periodic, 22 μ s C2 2 ( 2 8 + 2 c ) μ s Periodic, 100 μ s D 2 1 400 μ s Periodic, 1 ms E 1 1 60 ms At initialization and 50 ms after each response. The handler for event C can respond to more than one occurrence of C. The first
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