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Unformatted text preview: EE 4770 Homework I Due: 1 February 1993 Problem 1: The water level in a tank is to be measured using a variable resistor. Design a conversion circuit with an output v o = x 100 mm V, where x is the water level. The output should be 0.00 volts when the tank is empty and 10 . 0V when the tank is full. The variable resistor will read 47 . 0kΩ when the tank is empty and 1 . 00kΩ when the tank is full. (The variable resistor cannot be changed.) Problem 2: Design an op-amp threshold detector with v th- low = 5 . 00V and v th- high = 6 . 00V . EE 4770 Homework II Due: 15 February 1993 Problem 1: A system is to measure the temperature difference between two sides of a barrier. The system is to use a wheatstone bridge, an instrumentation amplifier, and four thermistors. Each thermistor has β = 3200K and R A = 0 . 0500Ω. The bridge excitation voltage [denoted v E in RTS ’95] is to be 15V. In the schematic diagram show the location of each thermistor with respect to the barrier. Call the output of the circuitto the barrier....
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