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Unformatted text preview: MR-1MR-1Exam ReviewTest ConditionsClosed Book, Closed NotesMay use 216 mm280 mm note sheet,eyes only.Calculator allowed.No electronic organizers, computers, or other devices. . .. . .that can store significant amounts of text.Test Format and TopicsDuration, 50 minutes, this room, Wednesday 17 March 1999.Exam starts 8:40.One or two problems and one set of short-answer questions.Material up to and including operating systems overview.How to Allocate Study Time:50% Working on conditioning problems.25% How transducers and sensors work and OS basics.25% Miscellaneous. (Units, parts of RTS, etc.)MR-1EE 4770 Lecture Transparency. Formatted9:43,15 March 1999 from lslimr.MR-1MR-2MR-2This Review:Overview of Real Time SystemsConditioning ProblemsSensors, Transducers, and Physical QuantitiesCircuitsOS Overview OverviewMR-2EE 4770 Lecture Transparency. Formatted9:43,15 March 1999 from lslimr.MR-2MR-3MR-3Overview of Real Time SystemsParts of RTSSensor, Actuator, Process, ComputerKnow how each part fits into whole system.Know how RT computer hardware and software. . .. . .are different than general purpose computer and software.Challenges in Building a RTSSpecification, testing, evaluating reliability....
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lslimr.4up(1) - MR-1MR-1Exam ReviewTest ConditionsClosed...

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