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PS2 - sigma_r Intensity(range standard deviation parameter...

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Louisiana State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering EE 4780 – Introduction to Computer Vision Spring 2008 Problem Set 2 Assigned: February 15, 2008 Due: February 25, 2008. Turn in a hardcopy of your solutions to the class. Also email your answer to Problem 1 to the TA, Ming Zhang [[email protected]]. Collaboration: This problem set can be worked in teams of two. But do not distribute the problems; instead work on both problems together. You still need to turn in individual reports. Include you partners name in the report. Problem 1: (50 points) Write a Matlab m-file that will do the bilateral filtering. Your m- file should have the following format: [img_bilateral] = bilateralfilter(img_input, sigma_r, sigma_d, N); img_input: Input image. (If the input image is a color image, the bilateral filter should be applied to all channels individually.)
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Unformatted text preview: sigma_r: Intensity (range) standard deviation parameter. sigma_d: Spatial (domain) standard deviation parameter. N: Spatial neighborhood parameter. It controls how many pixels are included in the neighborhood. The size of the neighborhood will be [2N+1 x 2N+1]. img_bilateral: Output image. Problem 2: (50 points) The histogram of an image is given as below. (a) Draw the histogram equalization function for this image. 0.4 0.6 1 A A/2 r p(r) (b) What would be new value of a pixel with intensity 0.5 after histogram equalization is applied? (c) What would be the histogram of the output image when the following transformation is applied to the image? (d) (Bonus 10 points) If we would like to obtain an image with the following histogram, what should be the mapping applied to the input image. 0.4 0.8 1 1 1/2 r T(r) 1 r T(r) 0.5 1...
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PS2 - sigma_r Intensity(range standard deviation parameter...

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