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Experiment 9 - Experiment 9 Emission Spectra Jake Sieger...

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Experiment 9: Emission Spectra Jake Sieger Chemistry 121 12/1/11 T.A. – Teodora Zujovic Purpose : The observe emission spectra for helium and hydrogen and to determine the transitions responsible for the lines in the visible spectrum of hydrogen.
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Procedure : Refer to pages 83 of General Chemistry Laboratory Experiments, Volume 1 by Robert Tatz and Judith Casey, Hayden-McNeil Publishing 2012. Report Sheet : See attached report sheet. Report Questions : 1. Conclusion : In this experiment, we determined the percent sulfate in a sample using a semimicro scale gravimetric procedure. We were given a sample of an unknown
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solution and we put 50-75 mg of it into two test tubes. We then marked each of the test tubes distinctively, and weighed both test tubes. After that, we added 20 drops of distilled water to each test tube to dissolve the sample, we then added 1 drop of 3 M HCL, and around 30 drops of BaCL 2 to both of the test tubes. Then both test tubes were placed in a boiling water bath. Once they were in the bath for 5 minutes the tubes were taken out and centrifuged. Once that was done, all of the
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