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How much volume in ml of 075 m k2so4 aq and water must

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Unformatted text preview: rms when additional KI (aq) is added e. A solid is observed after evaporating off all the water Page 7 of 10 25. Chlorobenzene, C6H5Cl, is produced by the reaction below in 73% yield. How much benzene, C6H6, (in kg) is required to produce 775 g of chlorobenzene in the presence of excess chlorine? C6H6 (l) + Cl2 (g) C6H5Cl (l) + HCl (g) (73% yield) a. 538 g b. 565 g c. 675 g d. 737 g e. 775 g 26. Which precipitate forms when CaBr2 and AgC2H3O2 are mixed in water? a. AgBr2 b. AgBr c. Ag2Br d. Ag2Br2 e. No precipitate forms 27. Which of the following compounds is/are soluble in water? a. K3PO3 b. NaIO4 c. (NH4)2SO3 d. All of the above e. None of the above 28. Which of the following is/are weak electrolytes in water? a. Mg(OH)2 b. H3PO4 c. HClO4 d. Both a and b e. Both b and c 29. Which molecule ­property pair is correct? a. HCl (aq) = strong base b. NH4OH (aq) = weak acid c. NH3 (aq) = weak base d. Ca(OH)2 (aq) = strong acid e. More than one of the above is correct Page 8 of 10 30. How much volume (in mL) of 0.75 M K2SO4 (aq) and water must be mixed to prepare to 150.0 mL of 0.10 M K2SO4 solution? a. 130.0 mL of K2SO4 and 20.0 mL H2O b. 20.0 mL of K2SO4 and 150.0 mL H2O c. 150.0 mL of K2SO4 and 20.0 mL H2O d. 20.0 mL of K2SO4 and 130.0 mL H2O e. None of the above 31. Generally, the conductivity of a solution is directly proportional to the number of ion...
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