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If 5017 g of precipitate is formed what is the

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Unformatted text preview: Both a and b are correct e. All of the above are correct Page 4 of 10 15. Copper has two naturally ­occurring isotopes, the predominant one being 63Cu with an isotopic weight of 62.9296 amu and an abundance of 69.150%. What is the mass of its other naturally ­occurring isotope? a. 61.821 amu b. 63.546 amu c. 63.982 amu d. 64.529 amu e. 64.928 amu 16. The empirical formula of an ionic compound has 3 Cl– ions per metal ion. A 1.892 g sample of the substance is dissolved in water and is treated with excess AgNO3 (aq), which leads the formation of AgCl (s) precipitate. If 5.017 g of precipitate is formed, what is the identity of the ionic compound? a. FeCl3 b. ScCl3 c. AsCl3 d. YCl3 e. LaCl3 17. Acrylic acid, used in the manufacture of acrylic plastics has the composition 50.0% C, 5.6 % H and 44.0% O, by mass. What is its empirical formula? a. C2H2O b. C2H4O2 c. C3H4O2 d. CH2O e. C2HO Page 5 of 10 18. A 0.2358 g sample of nicotine, which contains only carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen, is burned in excess oxygen in a combustion analysis experiment, yielding 0.1839 g of H2O and 0.6391 g of CO2. The molecular formula of nicotine was found in a separate experiment to contain two empirical units. What is the molecular formula of nicotine? a. C6H10N2 b. C6H12N4 c. C8H14N2 d. C8H18H2 e. C10H14N2 19. Which of the following statements is correct? a. One molecule of H2O has a mass of 18.02 g b. One mole of H2O has a mass of 18.02 g c. One molecule of H2O has a mass of 2.992x10–23 g d. Both a and b are correct e. Both b and c are correct...
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