EE253_F11_Project_1 - EE253 Fall 201 1 Prof Essam Marouf...

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Unformatted text preview: EE253, Fall 201 1 Prof. Essam Marouf Digital Signal Processing I ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Optional Term Project: Part 1 of 2: Introduction to Speech Processing (Both Parts are Due Together on Wednesday December 7 , 201 1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the first of a 2-part optional project. You’ll need to complete both parts of the Project by the last day of the lectures (no exceptions). Each project is actually a guided sequence of Matlab-based problems that address some interesting DSP application or extensions of course topics covered in the lectures. The Project grade, if better, replaces the worst of your two midterm exams grades. Part #1 below is taken from the book: Computer-Based Exercises for Signal Processing Using Matlab 5 , by McClellan et al ., Prentice-Hall, 1998. It invokes many of the concepts covered in the first part of EE253 (up to Lec #8) as applied to processing of speech signals. The needed data files and m-files are posted on the D2L website. Since few years have passed since the book was published, some of the limitations indicated are no longer valid. Either the Student version or the Lab version of Matlab 7 should be more than adequate to handle large data arrays and any needed plots. Sound can be played on almost all computers available today. The Matlab function ‘soundsc’ and its relatives can be used for this purpose. Nice plots (images) of the STFT results can be computed and plotted using the function ‘spectrogram’. Use the Matlab help facility to learn more about how to use these functions. See also the inserted hand-written notes in the attached handout. Results of your work should be documented in a short but coherent final report to be submitted by the due date. Your report must give a brief summary of the main ideas behind a given objective, give answers to all questions posed, document results and relevant plots, include comments on the results, and end with a summary of what has been learned from doing the project. Complete commented Matlab programs should be appended at the end of each project (not in the body of the report). A CD that includes all Matlab code and an electronic copy of the report should be attached to your submitted paper report. It’s best if you complete your project in chunks over the next few weeks and not wait till the end of the semester. This allows you to timely address any issues that may come up and ensures that you complete the project by the due date. Project reports will be graded relative to one another, so please do the best job you can....
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EE253_F11_Project_1 - EE253 Fall 201 1 Prof Essam Marouf...

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