Procrastination - Tobeornottobe" Selfexplanatory...

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Self explanatory Hamlet’s Procastination Hamlet is truly a great play. Any work of literature that generates so much debate and has lasted for four hundred years must be pure genius. One question that has puzzled readers and audiences alike is Hamlet's delay. Why does he wait so long to kill Claudius? The players, act: “He would have drowned the stage with tears” Committing to kill Claudius Fascination with the afterlife Suicide Fathers death Claudius praying “So, uncle, there you are. Now to my word;/It is, Adieu, adieu! Remember me” - This was in act 1, where Hamlet strongly commits to killing Claudius, but as seen by the result, it was until act 5 that the action was committed. Procastiantion and overthinking BUT , he already starts to doubt his meeting with the ghost: The spirit that I have seen / May be a devil, and the devil hath power / T' assume a pleasing shape I am pigeon liver’d - Recognizes that he is procrastinating, but he also knows that he must avenge his father’s death in order to save his honor and allow his soul to rest in peace. 2
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Procrastination - Tobeornottobe" Selfexplanatory...

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