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Sample Midterm Qs W10

Sample Midterm Qs W10 - a sufficient free energy is...

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LS 2 Sample Exam questions: Please note that this is only a set of sample questions and does not represent a full exam. The actual exam will be longer and will include at least 40 multiple- choice questions and at least 7 short answer questions. LS 2 Sample Exam questions: 1. Which of the following statements about ATP is FALSE? a. formed only under aerobic conditions b. hydrolysis of ATP to ADP is an exergonic reaction c. can be formed by substrate level phosphorylation d. is generated in cells mainly by chemiosmosis e. following hydrolysis to ADP further hydrolysis to AMP is an exergonic reactions 2. Endergonic reactions can occur if
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Unformatted text preview: a. sufficient free energy is provided b. the amount of enzyme is increased c. they are coupled with exergonic reactions d. both a and c are correct e. all of the above are correct 3. The Golgi Apparatus is: a. studded with ribosomes b. continuous with the nuclear membrane c. where final protein modification occurs d. filled with digestive enzymes e. composed of actin filaments 4. Glycolysis has two parts: an energy investing part and an energy harvesting part. Illustrate one of the two parts in details, outlining the reactant, the enzyme, and the product of each step. Also show whether ATP or NADH is produced. (6 points)...
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