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quiz6key - D none of the above E A and C 6 Proteins...

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Name: _______________________ Dr. Sarah Rothschild Quiz 6 1. The Na+/K+ pump pumps 3 _NA+ ___ molecules out of the cell and 2 _K+ ___ molecules into the cell. 2. __________________ moves a solute against a concentration gradient and requires energy. A. simple diffusion B. channel mediated transport C. passive transport D. active transport 3. Ion channels are always open. A. True B. False 4. The leaky K+ channel: 5. Calcium ion movement across a membrane is important for
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Unformatted text preview: D. none of the above E. A and C 6. Proteins transport across ER, mitochondria, and chloroplast membranes by A. fusing with the membrane B. diffusion C. protein translocators D. proteins don’t cross membranes Match the descriptions to their correct term. 7. _A __ carries cargo protein through nuclear pore complex 8. _C __ binds ER signal sequence to a receptor on the ER membrane 9._B __ allows proteins to be translated directly into the ER 10. _D __ allows unfolded proteins to pass a double membrane A. nuclear transport receptor B. signal sequence C. signal recognition particle D. translocation channel...
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