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Quiz 8 Name:__________________________________ Cell Biology Dr. Sarah Rothschild Honor Pledge (sign):________________________________ 1. List the 3 elements of the cytoskeleton, from smallest to largest: Actin, intermediate filaments, microtubules 2. Lamins disassemble when they are (phosphorylated/dephosphorylated), and reassemble when they are (phosphorylated/dephosphorylated). phosphorylated, dephosphorylated 3. The tendency of microtubules to polymerize when bound to GTP and depolymerize when bound to GDP is referred to as _________
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Unformatted text preview: dynamic instability____. 4. Phallodin and cytochalasin are two drugs that act on actin filaments. What effect does each drug have on actin polymerization? Phalloidin binds to and stabilizes actin filaments Cytochalasin caps the + end of actin filaments 5. ____ topomyosin___________ blocks myosin-II heads from binding to actin filaments, and is shifted when _____ troponin __________ binds to Ca 2+ , allowing muscle contraction to occur....
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