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Test 4 Practice Test.97

Test 4 Practice Test.97 - Exam 4 Practice Test*This may not...

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Exam 4 Practice Test *This may not be all inclusive of questions or topics that will be on your actual exam. Its aim is get you thinking about a variety of concepts and how they relate to one another.* Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following signaling methods is correctly paired with its signal molecule a. Neuronal = local mediators b. Paracrine = hormone c. Endocrine = hormone d. Contact dependent = neurotransmitters 2. Which of the following do NOT act as molecular switches 3. The G-Protein associated with GPCRs 4. Caffeine works by 5. Which of the following are true of cilia a. Allow for flow of water over cell surfaces b. Grow from the centrosome
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c. Are actin based d. Can have a 9+3 axoneme 6. Formins do which of the following
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