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Unformatted text preview: BIBLIOGRAPHY List of books if you are interested to deep a little into some of the issues. Those marked with several asterisks are my first recommendations. If you want a reference on a specific theme and believe I can help you, please send me a mail ([email protected]) and I’ll try to answer you as soon as possible. OPERATIONS STRATEGY DAVIS, M.M./ AQUILANO, N.J./ CHASE, R.B. (2001) FUNDAMENTOS DE DIRECCIÓN DE OPERACIONES. McGrawHill Madrid, 2001 (3era edición) GUNN, Thomas G. (1987) MANUFACTURING FOR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. Becoming a World Class Manufacturer. Arthur Young International. Ballinger Publishing Company. Harper&Row, Publishers, Inc. U.S.A., 1987. ISBN 0-88730-154-1 **GOLDRATT, Eliyahu M. (1993) LA META Ediciones Díaz de Santos, Madrid, 1993. THE GOAL, The North River Press, ISBN 84-7978-0959 HAYES, Robert H. and PISANO, Gary P. (1994) “BEYOND WORLD CLASS: THE NEW MANUFACTURING STRATEGY” HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW, (Pags. 77-86) January-February, 1994. ***HAYES, Robert H. , WHEELWRIGHT, Steven C. I CLARCK, Kim B. (1988). DYNAMIC MANUFACTURING. Creating The Learning Organization. The Free Press. New York. U.S.A. ISBN 0-02-914211-3 *HAYES, Robert H. (Harvard Univeristy) and WHEELWRIGHT, Steven C. (Stanford University) (1984). RESTORING OUR COMPETITIVE EDGE. Competing Through Manufacturing. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. New York. U.S.A. ISBN 0-471-05159-4 HILL, Terry (1994). MANUFACTURING STRATEGY. Text and Cases. Irwin, Burr-Ridge, U.S.A. 1994. ISBN 0-256-10666-5 SCHOMBERGER, Richard J. (1996) WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURING. The next decade. The Free Press. New York, U.S.A., 1996 PROJECT MANAGEMENT DAVIDSON, Jeff, LA GESTIÓN DE PROYECTOS, Guías de Bolsillo Prentice Hall, 2001 **GOLDRATT, Eliyahu CADENA CRÏTICA Ediciones Díaz de Santos, Madrid, 1997. Bibliography of Operations and Logistics. ISBN 84-7978-484-9 [email protected] 1 de 6 CRITICAL CHAIN, The North River Press **Meredith, Jack R.; Mantel, Samuel J. PROJECT MANAGEMENT. A MANAGERIAL APPROACH John Wiley & Sons, Inc.USA 2000 (fourth edition) SERER FIGUEROA, Marcos, GESTIÓN INTEGRADA DE PROYECTOS, Edicions UPC 2001 VERZUH, FAST FORWARD MBA IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT, J. Wiley WYSOCKI, Beck & CRANE, EFFECTIVE PROJECT MANAGEMENT, J. Wiley PLANNING CLARK, Kim B. and WHEELWRIGHT, Steven C. (1993) MANAGING NEW PRODUCT AND PROCESS DEVELOPMENT. Text and Cases. Harvard Business School. Maxwell Mcmillan Canada, Inc. Ontario, Canadà, 1993. ISBN 0-02-905517-2 **TERSINE, Richard J. (1988) PRINCIPLES OF INVENTORY AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT. Ed. Elsevier Science Publishing, Co, Inc. U.S.A., 1988 ISBN 0-444-01162-5 JUST IN TIME – LEAN MANAGEMENT **MONDEN, Yasuhiro (1996) EL JUST IN TIME HOY EN TOYOTA. Ediciones Deusto, S.A. Bilbao, 1996. ISBN 84-234-1442-6 (Traducción del original: Toyota production system: an integrated approach to just-in-time Industrial Engineering and Management Press) ISBN 0-89806-129-6 MONDEN, Yasuhiro (1987) EL SISTEMA DE PRODUCCION DE TOYOTA. Price Waterhouse. IESE. Barcelona, 1987. **NAKAJIMA, Seiichi (1993) TPM. MANTENIMIENTO PRODUCTIVO TOTAL. Tecnologías de Gerencia y Producción, S.A., Madrid, 1993. ISBN 84-87022-10-3 **OSADA, Takashi. (1993) (Nagoya, Japón) LES 5 S. PREMIERE PRATIQUE DE LA QUALITE TOTALE. (Traducción del título en inglés: The 5 S s: Five Keys to a Total Quality Management). DUNOD, Paris, 1993. ISBN 2-10-001937-6 Bibliography of Operations and Logistics. [email protected] 2 de 6 JAMES P. WOMACK / DANIEL T. JONES / DANIEL ROOS (1990) LA MÁQUINA QUE CAMBIÓ EL MUNDO. THE MACHINE THAT CHANGED THE WORLD SIMON & SCHUSTER: UK Ltd. ISBN 13: 978-1-8473-7055-6 JAMES P. WOMACK / DANIEL T. JONES (2003) LEAN THINKING Free Press, New York U.S.A. 2003 ISBN 0-7432-4927-5 JAMES P. WOMACK / DANIEL T. JONES (2007) LEAN SOLUTIONS - SOLUCIONES LEAN Ediciones Gestión 2000 ISBN 13: 978-84-96612-32-7 LOGISTICS BALLOU, Ronald H. (1992) BUSINESS LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT. Planning and Control. Prentice-Hall,Inc. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632 U.S.A. ISBN 0-13-104829-5-01 N'existeix una versió castellana: LOGISTICA EMPRESARIAL. Control y Planificación. Diaz de Santos, Madrid 1992. ISBN 84-87189-68-7 **BOWERSOX, Donald J.; CLOSS David j. and HELFERICH, Omar K. (1986) LOGISTICAL MANAGEMENT. A Systems Integration of Physical Distribution, Manufacturing, Support, and Materials Procurement. Macmillan Publishing Company, New York U.S.A., 1986. ISBN 0-02-313090-3 **COYLE, John J., BARDI, Edward J. and LANGLEY, C. John (1988) THE MANAGEMENT OF BUSINESS LOGISTICS. West Publishing Co. St. Paul, Minnesota 55164 U.S.A., 1988. ISBN 0-314-65263-9 *CRISTOPHER, Martin (1994) LOGÍSTICA Y APROVISIONAMIENTO: Cómo reducir costes, stocks y mejorar los servicios. Ediciones Folio (Barcelona) con permiso de Pitman Publishing, London, 1994. ISBN 84-7583-720-4 WEELE, A.J. Van (1994) PURCHASING MANAGEMENT. Analysis, Planning and Practice. Chapman & Hall. London, 1994. ISBN 0-412-46820-4 **CASANOVAS, August; CUATRECASAS Lluis LOGISTICA INTEGRAL. LEAN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT. Profit Editorial, 2011 ISBN 978-84-15330-51-6 **CASANOVAS, August ESTRATEGIA AVANZADA DE COMPRAS Y APROVISIONAMIENTO. LEAN BUYING Y OUTSOURCING. Profit Editorial, 2011 ISBN 978-84-92956-53-1 **CASANOVAS, August; CUATRECASAS Lluis LOGISTICA EMPRESARIAL Edicions Gestió 2000 S.A., 2003. ISBN 84-8088-947-0 *CASANOVAS, August; FARRAN Joan LOGISTICA DISTRIBUTIVA en productos de Gran Consumo. Alimentación y Farmacia. Empresa & Humanidades, 1999 ISBN 84-931241-1-7 Bibliography of Operations and Logistics. [email protected] 3 de 6 E - LOGISTICS AMOR, Daniel (1999) THE E-BUSINESS (R)EVOLUTION. Prentice Hall PTR, 1999 ISBN 0-13-085123-X FINGAR, Peter; KUMAR, Harsha; SHARMA Tarun (2000) ENTERPRISE E-COMMERCE. Meghan-Kiffer Press Tampa, 2000. ISBN 0-929652-11-8 BAYLES, Deborah L. (2001) E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS & FULFILLMENT Prentice Hall PTR, 1999 ISBN 0-13-030328-3 SMITH Rob; SPEAKER Mark; THOMPSON Mark (2000) THE COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO E-COMMERCE QUE – Macmillan Computer Publishing (2000) ISBN 0-7897-2194-5 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT **CHASE, R. B., AQUILANO, N. J., JACOBS, F.R. (2001) PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT FOR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, McGraw-Hill Irwin, Inc., 2001 **CUATRECASAS, Lluis (1996) DISEÑO DE PROCESOS DE PRODUCCION FLEXIBLE. Productivy Press. TPG-Hoshin, S.L. Madrid, Novembre 1996. ISBN 84-87022-25-1 *KRAJEWSKI, L. J. and RITZMAN, L. P., OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: STRATEGY AND ANALYSIS (fifth edition), Addison-Wesley, 1999. MANAGEMENT IN SERVICES COMPANIES HESKETT, James L. (1994) “PUTTING THE SERVICE-PROFIT CHAIN TO WORK” Harvard Business Review, March-April (Pags. 164-174), 1994. SERVICE BREAKTHROUGHS. CHANGING THE RULES OF THE GAME. The Free Press. New York, U.S.A. 1990. ISBN 0-02-914675-5 Publicado en español por Díaz de Santos con el título Cambios Creativos en Servicios. *HESKETT, James L., SASSER, JR., W.Earl, HART, Christipher W.L. (1990) Free Press. New York, U.S.A. 1990. ISBN 0-02-914675-5 Publicado en español por Díaz de Santos con el título Cambios Creativos en Servicios. HESKETT, J. L, SASSER, W. E., SCHLESSINGER, L. A. , THE SERVICE PROFIT CHAIN, Free Press, New York, U.S.A 1997. Bibliography of Operations and Logistics. [email protected] 4 de 6 Websites of interest Instituto Lean Management http://www.institutolean.org/ Production and Operations Management Society http://www.poms.org Institute for Operations Research http://www.informs.org/ Portal Operations Management http://members.tripod.co.uk/tomi/index.html EFQM http://www.efqm.org/ Goldratt Institute http://www.goldratt.com Prochain http://www.prochain.com/article_01.asp MicroSoft Project http://http://www.microsoft.com/office/project/evaluation/trial.htm Demo ERP Navision http://www.microsoft.com/dynamics/en/us/products/nav-demos.aspx Bibliography of Operations and Logistics. [email protected] 5 de 6 August CASANOVAS i VILLANUEVA Who am I? A practical and theoretical expert in the industrial area of Operations and Logistics (purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, storage, project management) with a generalist orientation, and with an extensive professional experience leading projects in the supply chain and working in leading multinational companies in different sectors: FMCG, pharmaceutical and industrial, with a high level of international training, and a dynamic spirit, organizer, creative, innovative, flexible and experienced group goals. Fluency in English and French (family language). Catalan and castilian (mother languages). ACADEMIC EDUCATION. A strong academic base: PDG (General Management Program) from IESE, Ph.D. from UPC - University Polytechnic of Catalonia in Management and Business Administration (Doctoral Thesis in Operations and Logistics), Master in Business Administration MABA from ESADE, Superior Industrial Engineer by ETSEIB (UPC)., And various courses of Operations Management and Logistics by the Chicago Northwestern University, Michigan State University and Cranfield School of Management. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE. A long career of 27 years as Director of Logistics / Operations (S.C.M.) (strategy, planning, scheduling, manufacturing, purchasing, distribution, customer service, warehousing, transport, engineering) and as Industrial General Director in multinational corporations. In different sectors: industrial (Celsa Group), cosmetics (COTY ASTOR), pharmacy (Almirall Prodesfarma), FMCG (RALSTON PURINA, SCHWEPPES, HENKEL and CAMP-BENCKISER). With responsibilities both at the national, and European level. Independent consultant on issues associated with implementation of a Lean Supply Chain Management (Integrated Logistics, Industrial Operations, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Project Management, Outsourcing, ....). Working as with big or mutinacional companies: Coca-Cola Corporation, Nestle Europe, Sidenor, Ecotenia-Alstom, General Optica, Alicorp, Lactalis-Nestlé, Hospital de Sant Pau, Mapei,…. as with many medium and small companies in various industries: chemical, pharmaceutical, automobile, food, textiles, logistics operators, furniture, decoration, lamps / lighting, wood, cork,…. Currently I combine my professional activities with the General Director of the Lean Management Institute. TEACHING ACTIVITIES AND CONFERENCES Since 1990, I have combined my professional activities with educational activities and conferences. Specialist teacher and / or lecturer on topics of Logistics and Operations (SCM) (Purchasing, Production, Distribution, Project) in MBA programs, specialized Masters, PhD and post-graduate courses of the major private and public universities in the spanish state: UPC, ESADE, IESE, Palau de les Heures (UPC, UB, UAB), University of Barcelona UB/IL3, ICT, Universitat de Vic, UIC Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Universidad de Valladolid, Marketing and Finance in Bilbao M & F, ESTEMA in Valencia, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona UAB, University of La Laguna -Tenerife, Terrassa Chamber of Commerce, Valladolid Chamber of Commerce, Instituto Renault,…. And abroad: Barna Senior Management School in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences in Lima (UPC-Peru), Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana of Santiago de Chile (Chile), Universidad Federico Santa María (Chile), The University of Toluca (Mexico), the University of Barranquilla (Colombia), Manisales University (Colombia) and Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (Mexico). Professor of UPC Doctoral Programs at UPC from Lima (Peru) (November 2004, October 2005, November 2006) and UTEM Santiago de Chile (June 2005, April 2006) (Chile). I am currently conducting more than ten doctoral thesis on topics of operations / logistics in different countries. In addition, lecturer at various congress on Logistics/Operations topics:. ICIL, CEL, AECOC, TECNOGESTION, Lean Management Institute, Fomento del trabajo, INTERBAN,… In languages: Catalan, Castilian, French and English. Academic Director of Master Executive in e-Logistics & Supply Chain Management at the FPC-UPC (editions in Barcelona, Bilbao, Lima-Peru and Santiago, Chile). Academic Director of the Masters: in Operations Management, Logistics and Production, Supply Chain Management. Integrated Logistics and e-Logistics, for the Catalan Institute of Technology, (Col • legi d'Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya (today IL3-Universitat de Barcelona)). Coordinator of the Logistics area for the Master ENGIPLANT, and Outsourcing area for the Project Management Master FCPUPC. PUBLICATIONS Book: “Integral Logistics. lean supply chain management.” Ed Profit, 2011 ISBN 978-84-15330-51-6 1era ed. September 2011. Book: “Estrategias Avanzadas de Compras y Aprovisionamiento” Lean Buying y Outsourcing. Ed. Profit ISBN 978-84-92956-53-1 1era ed. Febrero 2011. Book: “Logística empresarial” Ed. Gestió 2000 ISBN: 84-8088-578-5 1er ed Junio 2001, 2a ed. Junio 2003. Book: “Logística en Productos de Gran Consumo, alimentación y farmacia” Ed. Empresa & Humanidades. ISBN: 84-931241-1-7 1era ed, Diciembre 1999, 2ª ed Diciembre 2001. MEMBER OF THE FOLLOWING PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS: OFFICIAL COLLEGE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS Catalan Institute of Logistics (ICIL) SPANISH CENTER FOR LOGISTICS (C.E.L.) Council of Logistics Management (CLM)., UNITED STATES Bibliography of Operations and Logistics. [email protected] 6 de 6 ...
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