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Censorship of the Internet is impossible Among the spam, pyramid schemes, and pornography on the Internet are scores of valuable information available to the public. Many times it is difficult to judge what information is reliable and true. This is where the idea of censorship comes into play. However, as vast as the internet is, this goal is nearly impossible. One problem is the permeability of national borders. “Residents of a country that bans certain information can find it on websites hosted outside the country.” So even if a website is banned by the country a person is in, he or she is still able to find the information they need or want. BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 One example of this is the US version of eBay: www.ebay.com. However, if it is blocked, a person can navigate to the UK version of the website, www.ebay.co.uk. Another issue with the censorship of the Internet is whether it should be censored. There are
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