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Lacey Mowery 4048879 BUSN320 Assignment 2 Both e-commerce and e-business are business processes using the Internet or electronic data interchange and can often be interchangeable even though they have subtle differences. E-commerce includes sales, marketing, delivery, customer service, and other processes that reach external forces like customers and suppliers. E- business, however, includes all of e-commerce as well as the internal processes of a business including production, finance, and human resources. Another way to look at it is that e-commerce is focused on inter-organization and inter-business transactions while e-business is focused on enhancing its own business. This is the most significant difference between a brick and mortar business that also has an e-business website and e-commerce. An example of an e-business is UnderArmour.com where the website sells items produced by the company and includes customer service, delivery, and where there is company information and human resources data on the website as well. Meanwhile an
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Week2 Assignment_Lacey_Mowery - Lacey Mowery 4048879...

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