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Lacey Mowery 40448879 October 23, 2011 BUSN320-Week 7 Assignment Week 7 assignment As the owner of an online surfing gear business periodically studying the customer paths on my site, I have noticed this week that a high percentage of customers have been abandoning their orders at checkout. Some of the possible reasons for this are the unexpected cost of the product once in the cart, or the shipping cost, a long, complicated, or slow checkout process, and/ or the unexpected need for a second purchase to complete the original product. However, each of these problems can be corrected. Some businesses use the “must add to cart to see price” method for more costly items, which I think is just asking for a person to delete the item out of their shopping cart or abandon it altogether. To solve that potential problem, as a business owner, I would always clearly state the price of the item on the product description page. I know some businesses use this as a way to illustrate the difference between the retail price and what they are selling it for, however, I think it is more effective to use the technique that stores like Wal-Mart online use. Namely, they list an original price in a regular text, the reduced price in bold type, and then the percent savings in red. In this way, a customer can see the savings during their search for a product and it can influence
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Week7 Assignment_Lacey_Mowery - Lacey Mowery 40448879...

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