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Week6 Assignment - Term, Grade) ) MY ANSWER: The changes...

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Lacey Mowery 4048879 INFO321 Chapter 5, Question 12, Page 174: Using your knowledge of the college environment, determine the functional dependencies that exist in the following table. After determining the functional dependencies, convert this table to an equivalent collection of tables that are in third normal form: 2NF: Student (StudentNum, StudentName, NumCredits, AdvisorNum, AdvisorName, DeptNum, DeptName, (CourseNum, Description,
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Unformatted text preview: Term, Grade) ) MY ANSWER: The changes are an addition of a relational table containing StudentNum, CourseNum, and Grade, all of which are dependent on the other tables for more information. 3NF: Student (StudentNum, StudentName, NumCredits, AdvisorNum) Advisor (AdvisorName, DeptNum, DeptName) Course (CourseNum, Description, Term, Grade) StudentCourse (StudentNum, CourseNum, Grade )...
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