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Name: Lacey Mowery Date: August 17, 2011 ISSC340 Week 3 Assignment (3% of Grade) APUS/Kageorgis The purpose of this activity is to reinforce what you have learned so far about local area network technologies. 1. True or false: Ethernet is exactly the same as 802.3, and all vendors' IEEE 802.3 equipment will work with ethernet. False 2. True or false: Token ring and 802.5 are the same, and 802.5 equipment from non- IBM vendors, provided it follows the standard, will work with IBM token rings. True 3. What is a major disadvantage of ethernet? (about 60 words) The disadvantage is using Ethernet, according to the textbook is a “slow data throughput. Collisions can slow operation considerably.” This means that if too many users attempt to transmit, there will be congestion and wait times. Also, Ethernet uses packet switching, which doesn’t work very well for voice. 4.
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ISSC340Week3Assignment_Lacey_Mowery - Name Lacey Mowery...

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