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Unformatted text preview: Name: Lacey Mowery Date: September 5, 2011 ISSC340 Week 6 Assignment (3% of Grade) APUS/Kageorgis Pre-Assessment 6 & Activity 6-1: Reviewing LAN standards The purpose of this activity is to reinforce what you have learned so far about local area network technologies. 1. Which of the following OSI model levels are not addressed by 802.x standards? a. Transport b. Network c. Data link d. Physical 2. True or false : Like 10BaseT and fast ethernet, 100VG-AnyLAN uses the CSMA/CD MAC sublayer standard. 3. What is the main purpose of the IEEE 802.x committees? (about 100 words) “IEEE committees generally include representatives from software and hardware vendors, independent engineers and consultants, and other interested people and corporations. Therefore, IEEE standards are rooted in what technology is available now or expected to be available soon.” (Certification Partners LLC) Also, committees make sure 802.x standards are met and each committee has distinct and separate issue to solve and jobs to do. For example, the 802.1 committee works on standardization and network management concerns while the 802.2 committee defines protocol and how to create a data packet, as well as monitoring concerns while the 802....
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ISSC340Week6Assignment_Lacey_Mowery - Name Lacey Mowery...

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