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Week 2 assignment_ - Week 2 assignment 1.Choose two of the...

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Week 2 assignment 1.Choose two of the tools and/or techniques used for network enumeration. I would use Nessus and nmap. A. Research them in greater depth than your textbook describes them, using public Internet sites to gather your information. Wikipedia, www.tenable.com/products/ nessus , nmap.org B. Describe your findings. According to Wikipedia, Nmap is a security scanner that essentially creates a map of a network. I chose this technique because it is easy to remember and provides a “big picture” look at a network and its security. Nessus, on the other hand, is an active vulnerability scanner. In addition to the information in the book, I thought it was interesting to find that Nessus was also in mythology, known for killing something undefeatable, which made it stand out as well. Also, I found that both products’ websites contain very clear, useful information since it focused on selling points.
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