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Week 4 assignment_Mowery_Lacey

Week 4 assignment_Mowery_Lacey - company’s domain names 2...

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Week 4 assignment You have been hired as a consultant to secure all network devices for a large firm. 1. Describe the steps you would take to determine the needs of the organization (the discovery of the network devices) I would use profiling primarily when determining the needs of the organization. Using post scanning, I would be able to identify any devices on the company network. Using dig as an internal employee, I would be able to see what is vulnerable to a search on the
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Unformatted text preview: company’s domain names. 2. Detail the countermeasures (and tools) you would put in place. To countermeasure profiling, I would use an intrusion detection system to detect any outside discovery attempts. To countermeasure and thwart dig attempts I would block and restrict the DNS to secure its infrastructure....
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