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Week 5 assignment_Mowery_Lacey

Week 5 assignment_Mowery_Lacey - Hacking Texas The article...

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Hacking Texas The article I found relates to hardware hacking. It seems that even the people who enforce the laws against hacking aren’t safe from it. In Texas, 25 police chiefs’ email accounts were hacked and many emails were posted online. Credit has already been claimed by a well known hacking group called Anonymous. They state the reason for the attack is to illustrate the racism that Texas police are allegedly known for and that they allegedly perpetrate. Anonymous was able to hack into the membership list on the Texas Police Chiefs Association’s website and glean personal and work email account information from that membership list, which then provided them with personal information like social security numbers and birthdates. Not only did they gain access to this information, but they used a hidden server to post it all online. Included in the posts were messages to and/or from officers that included prejudicial statements about race, gender, and intelligence. However, the content of
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