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Hacktivism While we didn’t actually discuss this in the class forum, I came across this topic when we did some of the assignments on summarizing articles about hacking, and it was very interesting to me. It was a term I had never heard before, and as part of my research for the article, I found out how common attacks are attributed to Hacktivism and how devastating they are. These attacks also range from mere annoyances to very destructive attacks. For example, a denial of service attack on a bank’s online website can be annoying for customers and potentially harm the day’s business but if this attack consisted of penetrating a bank’s customer database and posting its contents online, the effects would be long-lasting and devastating. It is scary to think about the mindset of potential hacktivists, but it is also very informative. The first time I came across this term was when I was reading an article about a hacking attack on a Texas police chief association. Hacktivism is a mix of the terms hack and activism
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