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Lacey Mowery November 16, 2011 4048879 Review questions 1. True or false? Risk assessment isn’t part of the project charter. False 2. True or false? To successfully complete a project, stakeholders’ consensus is necessary. True 3. List three stakeholders for a typical project. Customer, Project manager, Public 4. List three ways to identify stakeholder requirements. Focus groups, surveys, interviews 5. List two informal project drivers. Spending the allocated budget and maintaining prestige 6. Who creates a scope definition document? The project manager
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Unformatted text preview: 7. List at least four components of a scope document. Project goals, deliverables, ownership, and boundaries 8. Why is it important to identify informal drivers? Informal drivers have no business or strategic justification and should be identified so a project isn’t initiated on the basis of these drivers. 9. Who’s a stakeholder? A stakeholder is an individual/entity that could be affected by a project. 10. Which of the following is the role performed by a sponsor? B) Initiate the project and finance it....
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