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When something is copyrighted you cannot copy it without the original owner’s permission. You need permission to use it for anything. When a person builds a web site they need to use non copy righted stuff that will not get them in trouble. When you use someone else’s pictures quotes or anything u need to have their permission or it is just like stealing from that person. By creating your own or using non copyrighted things you will not be implicating or stealing from someone else. For instance if I was building a page on tattoos I can’t jus t go and take 50 copyrighted pictures off the internet and post them on my site that is copyright infringement. Clip-art Libraries Provided with Software. Other sources of licensed images include clip- art files, such as those provided with Claris Home Page, Microsoft Front Page, and Adobe Page Mill software. Incorporating clip-art from these libraries into a page does not violate copyright law, as these images are licensed to the purchaser of the software
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