Post Lab 8 - b = Vg, the new F B would equal 4Vg. 4. 5. The...

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Post Lab 8 1. 2. The two buoyancy forces would be equal because the densities of each solution are the same. 3. The buoyancy force would increase by a factor of 4. The original condition is: V = πhr 2 , and the new condition is V = πh(2r) 2 V = πh4r 2 , so V increases by a factor of 4. Since F
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Unformatted text preview: b = Vg, the new F B would equal 4Vg. 4. 5. The reading is 2.7cm. It works because a vernier caliper scale allows you to measure some fraction of the main scale. For example, 3 marks wouldnt work because the lines on the two scales wouldnt match up. 6. 0.00019765 N...
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