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1 By Steve Wilson from Orpington, UK - flickr Krafla, a geothermal power station, Iceland EESA11 Lecture 10 Energy Dr. Jovan Stefanovic
Lecture Learning Objectives identify a range of human uses of energy resources describe the effects of human activities related to the production and use of energy resources understand the complexity and interrelatedness of energy issues discuss challenges to sustainable energy production and use 2 Textbook: 375 - 403 (no subheading “conservation in Industry”)
Important because 3 Driving force for economy Major sector in economy Demand for “green” energy (wind and solar power) Canada as a producer and consumer of energy
Energy Supply and Demand in Canada 4 Our demand for energy increased by 35 % (1990 2007) another 25% by 2020 In 2013, the energy industry directly accounted for 9.6 % of Canada’s GDP 1999 2009 ,GDP grew by 56.6 %, energy consumption increased by 23.1%
World Energy Use OECD (30 mostly prosperous countries) Non-OECD are the rest 5 Fuels burned around the world Btu : British thermal unit (Btu) is a measure of the heat content of fuels or energy sources.
Air pollutants from fossil-fuel burning 6