phys1002_sln08_sm2_2007 - 1 PHYS1002 TUTORIAL 8 SOLUTIONS...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 PHYS1002 TUTORIAL 8 SOLUTIONS Semester 2, 2007 1. TELESCOPE A refracting telescope consists of an objective lens and an eyepiece. The angular magnification of the telescope (observed through the eyepiece is given by For an image observed from the wrong end, i.e. the objective end of the telescope, the roles of these lenses will be reversed so that the angular magnification will be given by Thus, the angular size of the objects viewed through the wrong end of the telescope will be reduced by the ratio 2. SINGLE SLIT DIFFRACTION (a) When a wave is incident on a single slit of width a , the intensity pattern on a screen far away shows a broad central diffraction maximum that decreases to zero at an angle θ given by a λ θ = sin . Here 201 . 50 10 sin sin 1 1 = = =-- a λ θ rad. Thus the angular width of the central beam of diffracted water waves for this problem is 402 . 2 = θ rad. (b) The lateral width of the central beam is the distance between the first- order minima on either side of the central maximum, ie, twice the distance y from the on-axis maximum position to the first minimum of the diffraction pattern. We calculated the angular position of this minimum in part (a). Here we have been given L , the distance of the aperture from the screen (the harbour wall in this question), as 1500 m. The distance y is given by L y = θ tan , so that 306 = y m. Thus the central maximum formed from the diffraction of water waves will occupy 612 2 = y m along the harbour wall....
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phys1002_sln08_sm2_2007 - 1 PHYS1002 TUTORIAL 8 SOLUTIONS...

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