x group - -CH3 methyl Chen Lu Valliere-CH2CH3 ethyl Cocaine...

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The X group attached to the cyclohexane ring for Part 3 of the molecular modeling exercise. -F fluoro Accomando, Honorat, Sallese -Cl chloro Alberti, Hussey, Schott -Br bromo Bardelli, Lam, Smith -OH hydroxyl Callahan, Leblanc, Stirchak -COOH carboxylic acid Charest, Li, Therrien
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Unformatted text preview: -CH3 methyl Chen, Lu, Valliere -CH2CH3 ethyl Cocaine, Malanowski, White -CH(CH3)2 2-propyl Donnelly, Maxwell, Yang -C(CH3)3 tert-butyl Githui, Miller, Yao -CN cyano or nitrile Hirakawa, Muller, Zheng OH O C N carboxylic acid group cyano group...
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