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1864 Denver hears the crawling ghost on the stairs

1864 Denver hears the crawling ghost on the stairs - Sethe...

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1864  Denver hears the crawling ghost on the stairs. Christmas:  Miss Bodwin buys cologne for Sethe and Denver, a shawl for Baby Suggs, and oranges  for the boys. 1865  Buglar and Howard leave home. Baby Suggs dies before the surrender at Appomattox  Courthouse, which occurs April 9. Denver misses her grandmother and urges Sethe to move away  from Bluestone Road. 1866  Paul D finds work in Trenton, New Jersey. 1869  Paul D watches five women and fourteen little girls arrive in Rochester and search out a  "preacher on DeVore Street." 1873   Monday in August:  Paul D comes to 124 Bluestone Road in Cincinnati. Thursday at 11:00 a.m.:  Paul D escorts Denver and Sethe to the carnival beside the lumberyard. Thursday afternoon, late:  Beloved appears in the flesh, sitting on a stump outside Sethe's house. 
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Unformatted text preview: Sethe loses bladder control. Monday: As Denver hovers, Beloved awakens in the keeping room. Thursday: Beloved notices the orange patches on the quilt. Four weeks after Beloved's arrival: Beloved asks about Sethe's mother and about Sethe's "diamond earrings." Five weeks after Beloved's arrival: Paul D presses Beloved for personal information. He reveals to Sethe that Halle observed the schoolteacher's nephews maul and molest her before her escape from Sweet Home. By fall: Paul D moves out of Sethe's bed. In winter: Beloved seduces Paul D. Three weeks later: Paul D feels guilty about his infidelity. He meets Sethe at Sawyer's restaurant intending to confess, but instead he asks her to bear his child....
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