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1945  Plath's poem "The Spring Parade" published in the school's literary magazine. 1945–46  Other literary publications in  The Phillipian,  the school's literary magazine. 1947  Plath wins Honorable Mention in The National Scholastic Literary contest. During these years  her I.Q. tests in the 160s, and she meets a classmate, Richard Willard (a fictional name), who will  continue with her in school. Later, she dates his older brother, "Buddy." 1950  Plath enters Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, on a scholarship. During this period,  Buddy Willard asks her to the Yale prom. 1952  Plath wins the  Mademoiselle  fiction contest. Summer, 1953  Plath is guest editor at  Mademoiselle. Late Summer, 1953  Plath attempts suicide with sleeping pills. She is found and taken to Newton-
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Unformatted text preview: Wellesley Hospital. 1953 (5 months) Plath resides at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts, and is treated with insulin and electro-shock therapy. February, 1954 Plath returns to Smith. 1955 Plath graduates, goes to England on a Fuibright scholarship. 1956 Plath meets Ted Hughes in February; marries him June 16 (Bloomsbury Day). 1956–57 Plath's second Cambridge year; English country trips. 1957–58 Returns to America with Hughes. Instructor in English, Smith College. 1958–59 Takes a hospital clerical job in Boston after quitting her Smith position to devote more time to writing. Plath also enrolls in Robert Lowell's poetry seminar and meets the poet Anne Sexton....
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