A Brief Chronology of the Events in Beloved

A Brief Chronology of the Events in Beloved - and Halle...

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A Brief Chronology of the Events in  Beloved Because Toni Morrison structures her narrative in circular form, events are revealed through the  chance offerings of various speakers, usually long after the fact and out of time order. The following  retelling of the plot restructures the events in approximate chronology, including certain historical  events that support the plot. 1795  Baby Suggs, a slave, is born. 1803  Ohio becomes a state. 1805  Edward Bodwin is born. 1808  The Bodwin family moves from Bluestone Road to Court Street. 1818  Tyree and John, Baby Suggs's sons, run away. 1835  Sethe is born to "Ma'am" in either Carolina or Louisiana. Halle is born. Paul D arrives at Sweet  Home. 1838  The Garners learn of the Bodwins' kindness toward ex-slaves. Garner purchases Baby Suggs 
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Unformatted text preview: and Halle. 1848 Sethe arrives at Sweet Home in Pulaski County, Kentucky to replace Baby Suggs, whose freedom Halle has purchased with voluntary weekend work. 1849 Mrs. Garner agrees to Halle's marriage to Sethe. Sethe secretly sews a "bedding dress" from pillow cases, a dresser scarf, and mosquito netting. Saturday: Halle consummates his marriage to Sethe in the cornfield. Sunday: Mrs. Garner presents Sethe with crystal earrings as a wedding gift. 1850 Baby Suggs finds out that Halle's new wife is about to give birth to their first child, Howard. September 18: Congress passes a compromise bill containing a Fugitive Slave Law, intended to appease both slave and free states. 1851 Buglar, Sethe's second son, is born....
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