ace in the hole something held in reserve that can help in an emergency

Ace in the hole something held in reserve that can help in an emergency

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ace in the hole  something held in reserve that can help in an emergency. Aesop's Fables  a collection of morality tales often read to children. anatomical  resembling the human body. Angel Dust  another name for PCP. Apoplectic  a stroke; a condition of great excitement or anger. Beach Blanket Bingo  refers to a 1965 beach movie of the same name, featuring teen idols Frankie  Avalon and Annette Funicello. beef shingles on toast  a dish in which dried beef is cooked in a gravy and then poured over toast. before you can say Jack Robinson  an expression to reflect that an event happened quickly. Blondie and Dagwood  a married couple in a newspaper comic strip. blue moon  the second full moon in a calendar month; "once in a blue moon" indicates a rare 
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Unformatted text preview: occurrence. Bobbie Brooks a brand of clothing associated with well-to-do young adults. Border Patrol a U.S. federal agency that works to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. bringing home the bacon earning a salary. Burpee's catalogue Burpee is a company that sells plants and seeds to gardeners through a catalogue. Candy Stripers teenage volunteers in a hospital, noted for the requisite red-and-white striped uniforms that they wear. cashing in and plowing under committing suicide and being buried. pegged identified. phlebotomist a person trained to draw blood from people for diagnosis or study, or to determine how to treat a disease....
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