After three days

After three days - After three days Denver demands to know...

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Unformatted text preview: After three days, Denver demands to know whether Paul D intends to stay. Sethe insists that Paul D remain and scolds Denver for discourtesy, even though the girl is old enough to be considered an adult. To ease the tension, Paul D invites Sethe and Denver to go to a carnival, saying "Thursday, tomorrow, is for coloreds . . . ." The next morning, the threesome, among Cincinnati's 400 blacks, walk toward the lumberyard and take in the sights, including clowns and freaks. Morrison uses this small chapter to develop both plot and mood. Paul D, who has no understanding of Sethe's sufferings during their 18 years apart or her intense relationship with her one remaining child, probes for the unspoken admission of her affection for him. At the same time, he knows enough of the post-slavery era to realize that it's dangerous for a "used-to-be-slave woman to love...
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