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Alfred possibly Alpharetta - is used by plantation...

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Alfred  possibly Alpharetta, a small Georgia community north of Atlanta. AMEs and Baptists, Holinesses and Sanctifieds  black religious denominations. AMEs refers to  the African Methodist Episcopal church, founded in New York City in 1801 by Richard Allen. anointed  put oil on in a ceremony of consecration. barnacles  smallpox. battlefields of Alabama  The Union army captured the Tennessee Valley in 1862; Montgomery fell to  Union troops in 1865. bay or eat my own mess  go mad and howl or eat excrement. been experimented on by Dartmouth  refers to the   use of blacks and Indians as test animals.  These unsuspecting people were infected with syphilis so that health officials could study the  progress of the disease. Bishop Allen  Richard Allen, founder of the AME church. the   bit  the part of a bridle that goes into a horse's mouth, used to control the horse; in this context, it 
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Unformatted text preview: is used by plantation overseers to bridle a slave's tongue. a blackboy's mouth full of money a derogatory knickknack that depicts a black youth on his knees, his mouth spread as wide as a cup to hold loose change. bloody side of the Ohio River Kentucky. The Ohio River separated Kentucky, a slave state, and Ohio, a free state. brine in the barrel a primitive method of preserving fish, meat, and vegetables. The salt draws out the natural juices and replaces them with brine, or water full of salt, which impedes spoilage. bristle any short, stiff, prickly hair of an animal or plant. Brother a favorite tree at Sweet Home. buckeyes the seeds of any of various trees of the horse-chestnut family....
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