And even though Esther survives

And even though Esther survives - And even though Esther...

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Unformatted text preview: And even though Esther survives, as did Plath in her first suicide attempt, Esther is still lost and indecisive at the end of the novel. We can see from such poems as "Lesbos" and "Daddy" that Plath did not find motherhood and marriage to be roles that particularly suited and fulfilled her; in fact, her anger was quite intense because of these roles. These roles were like "institutions" — that is, they restricted and tormented her, just as school, the magazine, and the mental hospital did. Plath should have made her peace with the institutions of society or else developed ways to avoid them. Unfortunately, she got tangled up in her own narcissism, and even though that may have sparked superlative poetry from her, in the end it was not self-protective. It was ultimately only self- absorbing and self-destructive. Clearly, it was only in poetry and in her own self-tortured darkness absorbing and self-destructive....
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