As the celebration continues within Heorot

As the celebration continues within Heorot - As the...

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Unformatted text preview: As the celebration continues within Heorot, Hrothgar's scop honors Beowulf with a story of another Danish victory, the Finnsburh episode. The inclusion of the story of Finnsburh is interesting partly because it gives us an idea of how a story like the Beowulf epic might have been presented. Although a modern audience might think that the Beowulf poet is interrupting the story, the scop 's performance, or something like it, probably would have taken place. Our only knowledge of the Finnsburh episode comes from two sources: Beowulf (lines 10681159 of the epic) and The Finnsburh Fragment , a short (47 lines) heroic ballad by another poet. The latter consists of an account of a single battle that supposedly took place in the Danes' past but recently enough to stir passions and reflect on current feuds. Critics differ on motivation of the major characters; but, considering both sources, we can make a fair assessment of...
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