buffalo men men with wiry hair

buffalo men men with wiry hair - cloth cake of wax a method...

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buffalo men  men with wiry hair; Negroes. butter wouldn't come  the cream failed to clot into butter. calves of his youth  Paul D, in the absence of available females, found sexual release in intercourse  with calves. camphor  a volatile, crystalline ketone with a strong characteristic odor, derived from the wood of the  camphor tree or synthetically from pinene: used in medicine as an irritant and stimulant. carmine  red or purplish-red; crimson. chamomile sap  juice from any plant of two genera of the composite family, with strong-smelling  foliage; esp., a plant whose dried, daisylike flower heads are used as a medicine and in making tea. chippy  a prostitute. chokecherry  a North American wild cherry tree yielding an astringent fruit. clabber  thickly curdled sour milk.
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Unformatted text preview: cloth . . . cake of wax a method of sealing jelly to prevent mold and keep out insects. coffle a group of animals or slaves fastened together in a line, or driven along together. cold house a springhouse or storage shed for dairy items, meats, and other items which would spoil in a hot kitchen. Colored Ladies of Delaware, Ohio a women's organization dedicated to social and civic activities, such as petitioning the courts to free Sethe from a death sentence. comfrey any of a genus of European plants of the borage family, with rough, hairy leaves and small blue, purplish, or yellow flowers, sometimes used for forage or ornament. cracklights glimmers of sun through the cracks. croaker sack a burlap bag....
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