But more than just a mentor

But more than just a mentor - But more than just a mentor,...

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Unformatted text preview: But more than just a mentor, even the idea of "a room of her own" has not occurred to Esther Greenwood, and we wonder if, indeed, it occurred to Plath. Esther goes from room to room, rooms prepared for her by others, all geared to others' and the world's expectations. And all these places have been inadequate, and they have often been very cold. Esther's mother's house, Esther's father's academic life, her schools, New York City, and Ladies' Day magazine, and the hospitals these have all been "rooms." Now, at the end of the novel, a board room will judge Esther's mental health. Esther says that after hanging up on Irwin, she feels "perfectly free." But free of what? Her virginity? Men? Irwin? Her past? Remember that when her mother tells her, again denying any unplesantness in life, that they will put "all this" behind them, Esther knows that all these experiences are part of her,...
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