Caesura - • Caesura: Ah! thought Captain Delano, these,...

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Unformatted text preview: • Caesura: Ah! thought Captain Delano, these, perhaps, are some of the very women whom Ledyard saw in Africa, and gave such a noble account of. • Natural image: . . . vanished into the recesses of the hempen forest, like a poacher. • Visual image: . . . he moved slowly about, at times suddenly pausing, starting, or staring, biting his lip, biting his finger-nail, flushing, paling, twitching his beard, with other symptoms of an absent or moody mind. • Aural image: . . . a continuous, low, monotonous chant; droning and druling away like so many gray-headed bag-pipers playing a funeral march. • Tactile image: The wind, which had breezed up a little during the night, was now extremely light and baffling . . . • Contrast: . . . the moody air of the Spaniard, which at times had not been without a sort of valetudinarian stateliness, now seemed anything but dignified; while the menial...
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