Captain Delano boards his boat

Captain Delano boards his boat - Captain Delano boards his...

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Unformatted text preview: Captain Delano boards his boat. Before the crew drops their oars into the water, Cereno suddenly springs overboard into the stern at Delano's feet. Three Spanish sailors leap overboard and swim toward Don Benito. Before Delano can fully comprehend the unexpected movement, Babo jumps into the Rover, dagger drawn as though intending to harm Delano. Delano wrenches the weapon away and hits Babo with such force that the black man is thrown to the bottom of the boat. As Delano tries to hear Cereno's words, he notices that Babo has pulled a second dagger from his hair and is aiming it at Cereno's heart. At once, Delano realizes that Babo is an enemy. He strikes Babo, who is immediately restrained, and realizes that the blacks aboard the San Dominick are irate at the turn of events. As they roil on the decks above, the Spanish ship's cable is cut and a loose end turn of events....
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