Cereno surprises Delano by rejecting his hospitality

Cereno surprises Delano by rejecting his hospitality -...

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Unformatted text preview: Cereno surprises Delano by rejecting his hospitality. Unable to account for so rude a rejection, Delano, seeing the two ships anchored together and the Rover returning to fetch him, retraces his steps to bid farewell to his recalcitrant host. Cereno grasps Delano's hand but seems too agitated to speak. After Cereno returns to his cushion, Delano takes his exit, brushing past Atufal at the doorway. As Delano places his foot on the rope ladder, preparatory to descending into his boat, Cereno, leaning heavily on Babo, appears to offer a courteous farewell and clings to Delano's hand. Captain Delano boards his boat. Before the crew drops their oars into the water, Cereno suddenly springs overboard into the stern at Delano's feet. Three Spanish sailors leap overboard and swim toward Don Benito. Before Delano can fully comprehend the unexpected movement, Babo jumps toward Don Benito....
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