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Enjoying the sisterly companionship of Beloved

Enjoying the sisterly companionship of Beloved - Enjoying...

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Unformatted text preview: Enjoying the sisterly companionship of Beloved, Denver sits on the bed and smiles as Beloved dances. Denver questions Beloved's name and her method of escaping the netherworld to see her mother's face once more. Denver begs Beloved not to leave; Beloved retorts that it's Sethe whom she needs — not her sister. Denver tries to soothe Beloved's outburst by retelling the story of how Amy Denver helped Sethe give birth. Sethe, instinctively wary of telling too much to a white woman who could easily turn in a runaway slave for a reward, had identified herself to Amy as Lu. Unburdened by race prejudice, Amy set about easing Sethe's pain. She hummed as she performed primitive first aid to Sethe's swollen feet and maimed back. She also fashioned slippers from pieces of Sethe's shawl, which she filled with leaves. By noon, Amy and Sethe had reached the Ohio River and located a boat with one oar.leaves....
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