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gift from the sea a reference to Grendel

gift from the sea a reference to Grendel - Healfdene father...

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gift from the sea  a reference to Grendel's head, which Beowulf brings back from the mere. Gifthas  eastern Germanic tribe. God's opponent  Grendel. gold-laced hall  Heorot gray-bearded elders  Hrothgar's senior advisors. guest-house  Heorot. Guthlaf and Oslaf  Half-Dane thanes. Haereth  Hygd's father. Haethcyn  killed in battle at Ravenswood (in Sweden) by Ongentheow while avenging battle of  Sorrow Hill. Hygelac immediately took over leadership of the Geats. Hama, Brosing, and Eormanric  For a thorough discussion of the necklace and the Goths, see  Chickering, pp. 331–333. hand-spike  a kenning referring to the nail on Grendel's claw.
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Unformatted text preview: Healfdene father of Hrothgar. Heaven's hall-ruler God is metaphorically spoken of as a Germanic king. Helmings Wealhtheow's original tribe. Heorogar brother of Hrothgar. Heoroweard son of Heorogar. Herebeald, Haethcyn, and Hygelac sons of Hrethel, in order of seniority. Heremod Danish king who ruled disgracefully before Scyld rose to power. Hereric Queen Hygd's brother. Hetware joined with the Franks against Hygelac. Hetware technically, the Chattuarii; here indistinguishable from Frisians; joined with Franks against Hygelac....
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