high battle flames a funeral pyre suitable for a great warrior

High battle flames - routed Ingwines another name for the Danes literally"friends of Ing" Ingwines another name for the Scyldings

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high battle flames  a funeral pyre suitable for a great warrior. his heirloom sword  Beowulf's sword in the dragon fight is called "Naegling." Hoc  father of Hildeburh and Hnaef. Hondscio  literally, "hand-shoe" or glove. A Geat warrior, he was Grendel's first target the night that  Beowulf killed the ogre. Hrethel  father of Geats' King Hygelac; maternal grandfather of Beowulf. Hrethric  Hrothgar and Wealhtheow's elder son. Hrothulf  son of Halga, nephew of Hrothgar. Hugas  a Frisian subgroup or family. Hugas  a Frisian subgroup or family. Hunlaf's son  a Half-Dane warrior who presents the sword to Hengest. Ingeld  a prince of the Heathobards. He will later lead a raid on Heorot and burn it before being 
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Unformatted text preview: routed. Ingwines another name for the Danes, literally "friends of Ing." Ingwines another name for the Scyldings. killer-guest Grendel. The poet ironically plays with the theme of hospitality. King of Glory God, not Hrothgar. kingdom of waters here, simply a reference to the mere and the ogres' hideaway. kinsman of Hemming here, a reference to Offa. Lapps inhabitants of northern Scandinavia and Finland. The Anglo-Saxon is "Finna land" (580). Life-lord God. lineage ancestry, background, heritage. the lord of those rings Beowulf, with a reference to the rings that form his mail-shirt....
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