In a flashback

In a flashback - In a flashback, Baby Suggs reveals that...

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Unformatted text preview: In a flashback, Baby Suggs reveals that her joy at the reunion of Sethe and her children was tempered by concern for Halle. On the twenty-eighth day after he delivered Sethe and her newborn baby to freedom, Stamp Paid, an agent for the Underground Railroad, delivers two buckets of blackberries to Sethe's family and feeds a single berry to Denver. Inspired by Stamp Paid's gift, Baby Suggs and her congregation celebrate by creating a feast for 90 people. In the midst of the joyous event, ill feelings begin to grow toward Baby Suggs and her family. Neighbors participating in the feast grow envious of Baby Suggs's manumission (formal emancipation from slavery), her two-story house, her well, and her relationship with the Bodwins, the local Quaker abolitionists who let her live in 124. The next day, as Stamp Paid replenishes the woodpile, Baby Suggs begins to feel that something is amiss and recalls the loss of her four...
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